Andronicus Monastery of the Vernicle.
The Church of the Vernicle.
Andronevskaya Square, 10.

The church was built in 1420 - 27 (according to other sources - in the 1390-ies) on the left bank of the Yauza River in the territory of Andronicus Monastery of the Vernicle. Andrei Rublev is supposed to take part in construction of the cathedral.

After the fire of 1812 the cathedral was drastically rebuilt in 1813 – 20 and then in the 1840 – 50-ies.

The cathedral has peculiarities of early Moscow architecture. It is a prototype of column-shaped cathedrals of the 16th century. It is a white-stone, four-column cross-building church with three altar jogs. It has the form of a leveled tower. Keeled zakomars and corbel arches give the impression that they stratify each other. In the very centre of the upper part of the quadrangular church on a high base there is a tholobate that is transformed from the tetragon into the octagon with the help of diagonal zakomars and that passes into the dome drum. Exterior decoration is keel arch and crenate boom of head cornice on the dome drum. The cathedral is situated on the high base, wide staircases lead to the portals.

In 1954 - 60 the church was reconstructed, the appearance of the 15th century was restored; the architect - L.A. David and others.

The church was painted inside by Venerable Andrei Rublev and Daniil Cherny (in the 1420-ies). Only some fragments of the ornament remained on the reveals of the altar windows. There are several ancient slabs in the church. There is a symbolic tomb of Venerable Andrei Rublev by the northern wall. In the church under the bushel there were relics of Venerable Andronicus and his successor – Venerable Sabbas of Moscow (the location is unknown).

The sacred thing of the church is the Icon of All Saints. In July, 1989, in the first anniversary of canonization of Venerable Andrei Rublev, the first Divine Liturgy was held.


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