Andronicus Monastery of the Vernicle.
The Church of Michael the Archangel.
Andronevskaya Square, 10.

The church was built in 1691 - 94 and in 1728 - 34 in the territory of Andronicus Monastery of the Vernicle.

Initially, in 1504 - 05 by the order of Ivan the Third a brick refectory and a one-column chamber on the second floor (three-row curb of the cornice – the 17th century) were built. Under the cornice there was a band of red tiles. In 1691 - 94 on the money of the first wife of Peter the Great, tsarina Eudocia Lopukhina, a three-level church in Moscow baroque style was attached to the eastern facade. It was intended for creation of the burial vault of the Lopukhin family. In its third level there was the church of holy hierarch Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow (celestial patron of tsarevitch Alexey, the son of Eudocia Lopukhina and Peter the Great, who was born in 1690). After Eudocia Lopukhina went into convent (1694) further construction was stopped. Construction work was resumed after her return to Moscow when Peter the Second, son of tsarevitch Alexey Petrovich, her grandson, acceded to the throne (1727). In 1728 - 34 the octagonal dome completed with a miniature cupola was built over the three-level church. Due to its height this church dominates in the ensemble of the monastery. It was damaged by fires (1748, 1812 and 1919), it was restored (1777 - 80, 1819, 1825 and 1864), however it was not rebuilt. The wall painting was lost in the beginning of the 20th century.

The church was closed in 1924.

The exhibitions of the Central Museum of Old Russian Culture and Art named after Andrei Rublev have been arranged here since the 1960-ies.


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