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В честь Святителя Николая Чудотворца храм.
сша- Edinboro.

The parish was established on August 27, 1917. The building was erected in November 1919 and was rebuilt twice – in 1957 and 1979. Saint Nicholas Church was chartered in August 27, 1917 as "Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church", and is located in the Northwest comer, of the Commonwealth, of Pennsylvania. It is East, of the borough of Albion, six miles and West - Southwest of the borough of Edinboro, seven miles.It is located, in the midst, of a farming community, situated on approximately three acres of cleared land, which contains the Church/Temple, church-hall, and the church cemetery. The Church/Temple was built by Anthony Petroski, in November, 1919 and prior to this date, the parishioners held services in their homes. The first Parish Priest was the Reverend Father Gregory Stegailoff of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1957 and 1979, renovations of the Church structure included additional space for the Narthex, and Ambon. There are 17 registered members with an average of 11 individuals attending the Divine Liturgy. The nearest parishioner lives 1/8 of a mile away and the farthest residing from the parish would be 420 miles, however, the majority of the parishioners are from the surrounding area. Currently all services are served in English and follows the Church Julian Kalendar.

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