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В честь Успения Божией Матери храм.
сша- Benld.
Holy Dormition of the Theotokos Catholicon.

On March 3, 1907 a group of Orthodox Christians decided to establish a church. Fund raising was not easy. It was decided that a frame temple would give comfort to the struggling immigrant families. Construction on that temple was begun in the summer of 1907 when the cornerstone was laid, and great was the joy in the parish when the temple was completed. Just as the parish was beginning to flourish, a catastrophe occurred. On the 28th day of July, 1915, Saint Vladimir Feast Day, the temple burned to ashes--even the relics of the saints. All the altar appointments and vestments which had been a gift of the Czar of Russia and of the Holy Mother Church to the Benid parish, disappeared forever. In spite of such a devastating blow, the parish took hold and started all over again. Another collection, more dedication and labor and a pledge that a brick temple would be built resulted in the beautiful edifice the parish shares today. The parish has become a historical site because it is the only Russian Orthodox Parish under the Moscow Patriarchate in the state of Illinois and the only one between here and California. It is on the famous 'Route 66' tour guide. With the Millennium in 1988 a greater interest has been shown with visitors coming regularly. There is an average of eighteen scheduled tour groups each year coming for lectures on religion, local parish history and Icon art as well as numerous visitors just stopping by. The parish is small in number but is well supported by its parishioners and friends of the parish. Our hope and prayer is that it will be turned over to a community of Russian Orthodox nuns by its 100th Anniversary in 2007.

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