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В честь Курской Иконы Божией Матери часовня.
сша- Woodburn.
Our Lady of Kursk Chapel.

The chapel was founded under the care of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. On St. Fevronia's day (25 June OS) in 1977. Bishop Nektary of Seattle visited the house of Mr. John Hudanish and brought with him the wonder-working Kursk-Root icon of the Sign. Forewarned about the icon coming and having secured blessings from Bishop Nektary, Fr. Seraphim (Rose) of Platina, California, and Fr. George Macris of Portland, Oregon Mr. Hudanish built for her a chapel. The Kursk-Root icon visited Woodburn again the following year, 1978, at which time Fr. Seraphim Rose celebrated the very first Divine Liturgy in OLKC and baptized Mr. Hudanish’s daughter. Maria. There have been several other baptisms, many other Liturgies, two funerals and a few subsequent visits by the Kursk-Root icon. The chapel is under the Moscow Patriarchate since March, 1994. In the absence of a priest, the faithful who come to worship in the chapel do readers' services on the second and fourth weekends each month. They do vespers on Saturday evening and third hour, sixth hour and typika on Sunday morning. Whenever a priest is present, the service of matins is served.

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